Thursday, February 21, 2008

Singapore or Moscow?

Interesting article about how the 105 International Olympic Committee members might have voted for their choice of the host city for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. From Channel NewsAsia:
The host city's culture, food, distance and weather can become big tipping points. In fact, Russia had pointed to Singapore's hot, humid weather as a negative factor that can hamper many young athletes' performances. Then, there is the spillover theory, which makes IOC representatives want to pick a city that is near theirs, so that they can enjoy some benefits, such as a boom in tourist arrivals.

How the votes swung this way and that in deciding which city should host the 2014 Winter Olympics is one celebrated case study.

In Round One, South Korea's Pyeong-Chang got the most number of votes (36), beating Russia's Sochi (34) and Austria's Salzburg (25). But in Round Two, in a straight fight between Sochi and PyeongChang, a significant number of voters (possibly Europeans) who had earlier voted for Salzburg threw their support behind the Russia city to make it a winner with a score of 51-47.

If such a scenario prevails in the postal voting for the Youth Games, Singapore is likely to get 21 votes from Asian members and five from Oceania countries (Australia, New Zealand and Fiji). And if Europe's IOC members make geography and culture their main preoccupations, then the scorecard will read like this: Singapore 26; Moscow 43.

The remaining 36 votes — 17 from Africa, 14 from North America and five from South America — could make the difference. This is where Russia's political and money muscle would come in to make the difference.
My heart tells me Singapore will win the right to host the Games but my brain tells me Moscow. It is the first ever Youth Olympic Games and I think most of the Olympic traditionalists would prefer to have a Olympics powerhouse nation like Russia to host the Games. I think if this is the second or third Youth Olympics, Singapore would definitely be chosen. Anyway, we will find out at 7pm tonight.

Update: Amazing stuff! Singapore has been chosen as the host for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. I can't believe it. Congrats Singapore! The people over at the Padang now must be celebrating like mad while there must be a lot of shock and sad faces in Moscow after hearing the announcement of the IOC.


Anonymous said...

Moscow have world class sports facilities and stadias.

Singapore got what?

Anonymous said...

Interesting thought there IZ. Surely Moscow will feel humiliated if they lose to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I think its an European thing. Europeans are very proud of themselves and I'm sure the European IOC members will vote for Moscow.

Anonymous said...

i dun wan sg to win. if they host then it is very embarrasing loh if our atheletes are at the bottom of the medals list.

Anonymous said...

Go Singapore!!!


Anonymous said...

Have u ever heard of the David vs Goliath story?

Anonymous said...

This Youth Olympic Games is a waste of time!

Anonymous said...

Got party tonight at Padang! I wonder if lots of people there will be booing if Moscow wins.

Anonymous said...

IOC Member: Singapore? Never heard of it.

*Votes for Moscow.

Upperroom said...

I support Moscow right from the start. Singapore as a national was never really interested in Youth Sports events.

Just think about it, when was the last time the schools Sports Meet was ever reported in local TV news? Youth sporting events was never once telecast on local TV stations.

The Prime Minister said "NO" when the Youth Olympics in Singapore idea was first proposed. It was mainly for tourism dollars & media mileage that the bid was approved.

Moscow is a city that groom ten of thousands of youth into stars of the sporting world. The city actively promotes youth sporting events and the youth there are passionate about sports.

The only valid reason for Singapore to get the hosting right is because the city can never host a real olympics. Then again, is that a good reason?

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