Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Unboxing the Apple IIc photoset

Dude bought a "brand new" vintage Apple IIc computer on eBay: "On Thursday night, Kathryn and I unboxed my latest Ebay acquisition: an Apple IIc. There are many vintage Apple II computers available for auction, but this one is special: It's never been opened. Ever. It hasn't seen the light of day since before it was shipped on May 5th, 1988." Pics of him unboxing the Apple IIc here.

1 comment:

JDsg said...

Personally, I'd have left it in the box. Why bother opening it at this point? It's not like you're really going to be able to put any modern software on it at this time. And a mint condition computer of that age will only draw in the bigger bucks for collectors willing to buy it in the future. (I used to work with a guy who collected vintage Apple computers; the collectors are out there.)

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