Wednesday, May 14, 2008

James Blunt waved at me!


I did not fall asleep at James Blunt's concert in the Indoor Stadium last night. Phew. I must say that he definitely has one of the most beautiful voices that I've heard. And I'm sure glad that I listened extensively to his two albums before the concert. Familiarising with his songs and memorising the lyrics helped me tremendously in singing along to some of his songs. Yup, I can be quite a noisy guy at concerts.

It's a pity that he did not sing My Triangle but You're Beautiful really sounds so beautiful live. I can't recall how many songs he performed in the concert but it did feel a little short - even with the three encore songs.

At James Blunt's concert

Overall, it was a wonderful concert and I love every second of it but I would rather be headbanging at Linkin Park's which to date still remains my favourite concert.

Update: Videos of the concert are slowly appearing in YouTube. Here are two good ones: 1973 and You're Beautiful. And they said no recording allowed. LOL.


Anonymous said...

guess what, i saw him the night before sipping on some drink in "Le Noir" at clarque quay...small guy though

Anonymous said...

No My Triangle? Damn! :op

Anonymous said...

I did not know he was here. I've always wanted to hear him live.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a rock concert dude.

Anonymous said...

James Blunt waved at you?

I got to touch him near the stage!


Envy me.

Anonymous said...

i was there too! anyway there were so many cameras flashing away that night.

Anonymous said...

Wow you look great in that pic IZ.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

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