Monday, May 26, 2008

Prime Minister of India for sale

An auction house is helping Dow Chemicals sell the services of India's Prime Minister on eBay for 10 million rupees. From eBay:
DOW Chemicals, headquartered in Michigan owns a substantial portion of the professional services offered by Dr. Manmohan Singh (henceforth referred to as the product), currently anointed as the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. Because of the high price commanded for his services, he is widely regarded as the most honest politician of India. And despite the high price tag, the product has excellent VFM and RTI factors. He has consistently been the most valuable service provider for Dow Chemicals, a multi-milllion dollar company with thousands recruits. Dow retained the right to lease him out or sell him to third parties without any explicit approval. The company has decided to sell its stake in the product, and any individual or corporation is free to place an open bid for his services. It must be said that like gold, oil, food and land, the value of prime minister of India increases exponentially with time and experience.

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