Thursday, May 08, 2008

PAP and Uniquely Singapore Graffitis in London!

On Monday, I blogged about The Cans Festival held by well known British graffiti artist Banksy. Lots of beautiful graffiti work there. Now here's a surprise. domtheclown has pics (see above) of our very own PAP and Uniquely Singapore logos sprayed on the wall of an abandoned access road in London used for the festival. I don't think PAP will be too happy seeing their logo being used for the face of what looks like a Hitler graffiti and on a body of a pig.

(Thanks Lancerlord)


lost said...

That's actually really cool.

Think the pig/sheep thing might be an Animal Farm reference?

GeekGod said...

Must be some government hating Singapore artist invited for the festival who's behind this.

Sir Thomas said...

Well put it this way. This is free advertising for Singapore.