Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Amazing Disappearance of Sunshine Empire Agents' Blogs


The guys at Hardware Zone forum exposed several blogs started by agents of Sunshine Empire, a company that is under investigation by the Commercial Affairs Department. These blogs were quickly shut down or made private by their owners but you can still view screenshots of some of them in this thread here.

Sunshine Empire was placed on the Monetary Authority of Singapore's (MAS) investor alert list and Malaysia's Securities Commission alert list. It is alleged that the company's business model is of a Ponzi Scheme or a Pyramid Scheme.


Anonymous said...

During my NS stint, a senior of mine advertised to me on getting a job with fast pay. Keeping the story short, it was actually being part of Sunshine Empire.

I must be wondering on my senior's face and pride upon hearing the scandals his "company" are now facing…

That said, you gotta have it: white-collar crimes will always manifest in one way or another.

But, my concern, however, is: the seemingly increasing rate of which companies here chose to make morally unethical decisions, something I will keep mum, because of the anti-activist climate in Singapore.

Shy said...

I don't get it. What are they really selling?

Anonymous said...

the bloggers u mentioned got an alert from someone in sunshine empire to close their blogs and prevent pple like us from reading how they work.

MLM Professor said...

It's interesting to see how fast the CAD acted on Ren Ci but so low key when dealing with Sunshine