Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Magazine copies stories from blogs

A technology magazine is copying stories from blogs without crediting or asking permission from the bloggers who originally wrote them. From State of Telecom:
Flare Magazine, Islamabad based technology magazine, is known to copy and paste articles from the cyberspace. Now it has also started stealing content and headlines from blogs such as this one and others. If you look at the stories in Flare you will find that most (if not all) of them do not cite any references. Well, there are no authors as well. This is not limited to Flare, other news publishers seem to be doing the same. This shows the sad state of affairs for old media in Pakistan. The quality of reporting has been steadily going down but it has reached a new low with the stealing of content. If left unchekced, this will lead the next generation to think that it is ok to plagiarize and sell.
(Thanks Sir Thomas)

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