Thursday, June 05, 2008

TIME interviews 3 Singapore filmmakers

Singapore filmmakers, Ekachai Uekrongtham, Brian Gothong Tan and Eric Khoo were interviewed recently by TIME about the relaxed attitude among Singapore's censors. From TIME:
KHOO: I started doing short films back in 1989, and I can feel the change. A lot of the stuff that I couldn't get away with back then, we can get away with now. I think that they do want the population to be more creative and self-expressive. That's basically it.

UEKRONGTHAM: Part of that relaxation could also be economically driven, because the government has expressly said that it wants to increase the GDP from the media sector by a certain percentage, and part of that is that they need to be seen as allowing freedom and creativity.

TAN: Yeah, Singapore is quite uptight in some senses. But I think the government is realizing that. Education has a lot to do with that as well — the kids of this generation are so in touch with everything. With the Internet and all that, it's so easy for them to get information at their fingertips.
(via Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal)

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