Saturday, November 08, 2008

Awesome Hot Wheels collection for sale!

Poor Angie. Looks like the global financial disaster is forcing her to sell away her awesome Hot Wheels collection for a cool US $12,000. Check out the video! The auction ends in 10 hours. From her eBay page:
This collection contains more than 7,500 vehichles, There are cars, trucks, motorcycles, railroad, construction, off road, airplanes and helicopters. There are many 1st editions,complete series sets and many different paint and wheel patterns. Everything from the Batmobile to the Oscar Mayer weiner mobile. There are also a lot of millenium vehichles with the red, white and blue paint patterns. I have been collecting these for over 17 years. They are in 35 + cases, unopened and in mint condition. I believe them to be a time capsule of very interesting and exciting ideas of realism and fantasy. They were not intended for sale until the recent global financial disaster. There is a manual of over 230 pages that documents each and every vehichle. The sale of this collection will be helping a family that is not part of the mortgage collapse, just a victim of it.

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