Thursday, November 20, 2008

LG Golden Ear Campaign Launch at Raffles Hotel

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Yesterday, LG Electronics together with world renowned audio expert Mark Levinson, launched the Golden Ear campaign to introduce the new range of audio and visual products by LG that are specially tuned by Mark himself. The event attended by the media and a few bloggers, was held at Raffles Hotel. Here's a video of the LG models at the event with the new LG HDTVs and audio systems.

Mark Levinson is a highly respected name amongst the world's top musicians and hi-fidelity enthusiasts. As the Chief Audio Advisor for LG Electronics, Mark played an integral role in the tuning of LG's latest Home Theatre and HDTV systems. During the event yesterday, he demoed the LG Sylish DVD Micro Audio FB163 to the media in his Presidential Suite. The FB163 is an impressive little audio system that boasts a superior sound quality that previously can only be heard on systems 10 times more expensive! How much does it cost? Only S$499. I was very impressed and I'm sure the rest of the journalists in my group were too. Check out the video (my apologies for the poor sound quality).

LG also launched the Golden Ear Challenge as part of its Golden Ear campaign. Just go its website and take an audio hearing test specially designed to determine how well one's capability is in differentiating music. Those who take part in this challenge can stand to win an LG Home Theatre System or an LCD TV! You can also view the full range of LG products that were featured at the campaign launch.

Click here to take a look at all the photos I took yesterday or click the thumbnails below. You can watch more videos here, here, and here. Enjoy.

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