Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today's Singapore News

The following are stories that are making the headlines over at Topix Singapore News today, edited by yours truly.

-Ex-DPM’s wife reaches out: Former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Goh Keng Swee’s wife Phua Swee Liang has set up a private charitable foundation in his name to provide financial assistance — including grants, bursaries and scholarships — to “disadvantaged” young Singaporeans and to “impoverished patients in need of medical or healthcare”.
-Nuclear energy in Singapore not an option: The use of nuclear energy in Singapore may not be a feasible option. This according to the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency or IEA, Nobuo Tanaka.
-Singapore services industries grows: Singapore's business receipts for services industries rose by 11.6 per cent in the third quarter of this year over the same period of 2007, the Singapore Department of Statistics said Thursday.
-Changes planned for Singapore track: Singapore Grand Prix organisers are planning to make a few alterations to the street circuit for year's race.
-Town councils' sinking funds not mismanaged: The coordinating chairman of PAP town councils, Teo Ho Pin, has clarified that PAP town councils have not mismanaged public funds. He also stressed that PAP town councils are financially secure.
-Last batch of China dairy products lifted for sale: Food safety authorities here have released the last batch of China dairy products for sale, with the exception of six products which have been newly found tainted with melamine.
-Fewer malls offer motorbike parking lots: More shopping centres are taking away motorcycle parking lots and bikers here are not happy.
-Singapore tour bookings to Bangkok down: The unstable political climate in Thailand has shaken the confidence of some Singapore travelers.
-Local Indian community here shocked by Mumbai's bomb blasts: The Mumbai bomb blasts have triggered fears and anxiety among some members of the local Indian community, who expressed shock at the appalling act.
-Singaporean taken hostage: The Singaporean being held hostage in a Mumbai's luxury hotel stormed by a team of militant gunmen managed to contact family members here, who in turn alerted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) early on Thursday morning.
-Singaporeans jailed for kangaroo T-shirts in court: Three Singaporeans were jailed on Thursday after being charged with contempt of court for showing up at Singapore's Supreme Court wearing T-shirts depicting kangaroos in judges robes.

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