Friday, November 14, 2008

How Singapore Zoo cleaner was mauled by tigers

AsiaOne's infographic shows how a Singapore Zoo cleaner got mauled by three white Bengal tigers when he jumped down into their enclosure. The cleaner died of his injuries on the way to hospital. Visitors thought the attack was a show. The zoo meanwhile has stepped up patrols and ordered its zookeepers and staff to look out for eratic and abnormal behaviour in the animals, staff and visitors.

Update: Here's the Q&A from the press release issued by the Singapore Zoo (thanks Joel Pang) and a Reuters video of the incident (thanks Rickie). Video of the incident caught by a Zoo visitor shows up online!


Anonymous said...

Guess jumping on MRT tracks to kill yourself is no longer the trend in singapore.

Anonymous said...

don't think the tigers are interested in eating him. they are just attacking him because he invaded their territory. tigers in zoo are so well fed. human meat taste so awful for them.

Anonymous said...

stress from recession?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone found the video on YouTube or elsewhere yet???

Anonymous said...

he's psycho lah... even if u wanna kill urself, u wldnt want to be mauled by those tigers

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The tigers bit on him and spit him out. Ha! "This is no meat."

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xXx said...

Guess jumping on MRT tracks to kill yourself is no longer the trend in singapore.

Passe lah that one.

Anonymous said...

The police got one of the videos shot by a tourist and I read on the New Paper one student capture a video too.

Anonymous said...

Here's the story from New Paper. Student at the zoo with his friends caught a video of the incident:

One of the tigers, clearly excited by the splash, sprinted towards the water to investigate the disturbance.

Mr Nordin coolly emerged from the water and walked up a stone ledge, coming face-to-face with the still calm but curious and waiting tiger.

Nizam thought for a moment that the tiger was familiar with Mr Nordin and had gone to welcomehim.


But the tiger suddenly swiped at Mr Nordin, to the horror of the 20-strong gawking, frightened crowd at the enclosure.

The blows brought Mr Nordin to his knees.

The huge cat then sank its teeth into the back of Mr Nordin's neck and tossed him around repeatedly like a ragdoll.

Then the second tiger crawled up the ledge.

Both tigers started to sniff at and circle Mr Nordin.

Nizam's friend, Fadzil Ramlee, also 16, shouted repeatedly to Mr Nordin: 'Dude, get into the water!'

Fadzil told The New Paper later. 'When he was being attacked, some people started screaming and shouting at him to get into the water.

'We also shouted at the tigers to distract them. One tourist threw his umbrella at the tigers but missed.'

His hands trembling, Fadzil continued shooting with his video camera, somewhat mesmerised by the vicious attack unfolding before his eyes.

Mr Nordin was then curled up on the stone ledge. He used the pail to cover his head.

The two tigers stood over him. Then they circled him, sniffed him - and began swiping at him repeatedly with their huge paws.

The tigers seemed distracted by the crowd's shouts and whistles, but they never left Mr Nordin's side.

This lasted a good two minutes.

The crowd swelled to more than 30 people, including some of the zoo's staff. One zookeeper tried to distract the tigers by using a long stick to hit the water.

Nizam said he didn't see any zoo staff armed with rifles.

Just when the crowd thought the tigers were distracted enough for Mr Nordin to be safe, one tiger suddenly grabbed him by the back of his neck and dragged him further into the enclosure.

The crowd screamed even louder at the two tigers, both in shock and horror, and in a desperate bid to distract the tigers.

The two tigers looked away, momentarily distracted by the crowd. Mr Nordin stood up but was quickly brought down again by the tigers.

One tiger started to bite Mr Nordin on his back repeatedly. The crowd cringed in horror.

Blood could be seen streaming from the wounds on his back. The tiger's mouth was also bloody. Mr Nordin was struggling and thrashing his legs about.

Then he became still.

That was Nizam's last glimpse of Mr Nordin.

Anonymous said...

nasty way to kill oneself

Anonymous said...

We want the video! We want the video! We want the video!