Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Contribute to 365 Days of Astronomy

The folks from the Planetary Society are inviting contributors to their 365 Days of Astronomy daily podcast. You'll be given a maximum of 8 minutes to talk about anything that is astronomy related. Cool! From Planetary Society Blog:
We're asking individuals to contribute five- to eight-minute podcasts on the space topics of their choice, and we have a lot of interesting shows on the calendar already. But we need more! Speaking now from my own point of view, I think we don't have enough people lined up to talk about the planets and moons and other interesting places in our solar system, or the missions that are exploring them.

So, dear readers, do any of you want to contribute? We will handle all the post-production, hosting, and so on -- all you need is an idea, a microphone, and the ability to talk for eight minutes about some space topic. If you have an idea but no microphone, think about contributing a script that we can get someone else (maybe me) to read; eight minutes is about four double-spaced pages of text.

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