Monday, February 09, 2009

Sleepless Town the Musical: Exclusive Pics of the Rehearsal!

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Yesterday, I went to Popstars City to take a look at the rehearsal of Sleepless Town, a pop musical by Toy Factory. Sleepless Town is about a young girl Nora Mowend who was summoned to save Sleepless Town, a world infested with crime where children are depleting rapidly. She needs to battle the Queen of all evil – the Black Azira. As the Black Azira brews a heinous plan to reign supreme in Sleepless Town, Nora attempts to engage the help of her Superheroes but discovers that they are in dire need of help themselves.

The musical features an established cast of Singapore theatre veterans Karen Tan and Chua Enlai as well as 13 year old singing prodigy Julia Roman Abueva who plays Nora. It is written by Mark Richmond and directed by Beatrice Chia-Richmond with original music composed by Don Richmond and Jason Tan. Below are some exclusive pics of the rehearsal. There are lots more here.

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Sleepless Town will debut on 27 February at the Drama Centre Theatre and will run till 14 March 2009. Tickets are priced from $30 to $68 and you can get them at Sistic.

I will post some videos taken at the rehearsal tomorrow. So watch out for them! In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

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