Wednesday, March 04, 2009

5 reasons why you should watch Sleepless Town the musical


Last Friday, I attended the opening show of Sleepless Town the pop musical at the Drama Centre Theatre. I had watched one of the rehearsals before so it was really cool and exciting to finally be able to watch the real thing. Sleepless Town did not disappoint and I enjoyed it so here are 5 reasons why all of you should go watch Sleepless Town too.

1) Colourful Superheroes! There's the Incredible Bulk, the very gay Flying Fox and his sidekick Sparrowman and not forgetting the villains, One Ball-less, One Tit-less and Black Azira.

2) Julia Abueva! Definitely the star of the musical with her amazing singing. Julia plays Nora, the young girl who was sent to Sleepless Town to find the "retired" superheroes and convince them to join her fight against Black Azira. I still can't believe she's only 13! I can see her doing something like Disney's High School Musical. She's really that good.

3) Chua Enlai! Everyone's favourite dude from Channel 5's Heartland Getaways plays several roles in the musical but my favourite has to be his portrayal of Amy Winehouse. He's so sexy as Amy that I wouldn't mind asking him out for a date! Man, those legs!!!

4) Benjamin Lee aka Mr Miyagi! No, he's not playing any of the spandex wearing superheroes or villains but he did help Mark Richmond write the musical. And that only means one thing. All the vulgarities and sexual content has to be Miyagi's idea.


5) And the last reason why you should go watch Sleepless town is... the programme booklet! Why? Because the booklet has my photos taken at the Sleepless Town rehearsal, making it a must grab! Besides the booklet, you can also view the photos on the TV displays outside the theatre.

Sleepless Town the musical is now on at the Drama Centre Theatre till 14 March. Go watch it!

Sleepless Town the Musical: Exclusive Videos of the Rehearsal!
Sleepless Town the Musical: Exclusive Pics of the Rehearsal!

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Anonymous said...

I was there too on the opening.

The ushers were strangely asking for donations for the booklet which later one of them gave it for free to my fren.

I find it strange to be asking for money this way.

- Smokie