Tuesday, March 03, 2009

NTU Campus Tragedy: Student Reactions

He was a maths genius who enjoyed computer gaming but on Monday morning, Nanyang Technological University student, David Hartanto Widjaja went crazy and stabbed his professor before slitting his own wrists and jumping down to his death. And you thought such things can never happen in Singapore schools.

So what could have made a student kill his teacher? Stress? Pressure? Too much computer gaming? Or simply madness? I tell you, things are just getting weirder here after the Merlion got hit by a lighting. Here are some blog reactions from students of NTU.

Candice thinks that stress could have been a factor and is glad that we are not allowed to own guns in Singapore. From the sunny side of things:
I'm guessing he most likely couldn't take the stress from FYP or the prof was pushing him too hard or a combination of factors. But perhaps, something like that was bound to happen anyway; sooner or later considering the crazy workload we have here what with projects and projects and assignments.
Littlemisspent meanwhile wonders how insignificant we all are, even even in a campus like NTU. From A Little Misspent:
A person dies and it creates a mild sensation, not enough though to remove us from our daily routine. We all walk around, carrying our secrets to lunch, our private miseries to tutorials and silent heartaches to lectures, not any wiser of the invisible burdens that weigh down the person next to us. The incident has not made me secretly fear the knives or other potentially harmful objects that other students may be carrying. Rather, I wonder of the number of times I may have passed David Hartono Wijaja and been totally oblivious of his existence.
Terry gives us a personal account of when he heard the news in campus. From teddy-risation:
I remembered that our supposedly two-hour-long lecture ended early today - shortly an hour after it started. Mingyun, Marianne, Cho Yee and I had McDonalds and Subway for breakfast at around 9.45am. We chatted a little and headed for the library at around 10.30am, the time the incident occured. A couple of minutes into our studying schedule, Cho Yee informed us that there was a fatal stabbing incident on campus that just happened. The police and paramedics were there too, as another friend sent a mass SMS around.
And lastly, Re remembers David Widjaja aka Ming Ming as a keen player of World of Warcraft. From Livin A Life:
Knowing him as a keen gamer, his friends had never imagined that Ming Ming would do such an act, attacking his final year project supervisor and committing suicide. A friend of mine noticed a slight change in Ming Ming about a week ago, when somehow he stopped getting into contacts with his friends, he didn't go to the details, but I'm guessing things like MSN chat and all

David Widjaja was upset when his scholarship was revoked last month and may have stabbed the wrong person instead.
NTU sent 3 warning letters to David Widjaja before terminating scholarship.
NTU professor sustained injuries to his back and hand, has been discharged from hospital.
Another man found dead in NTU. He's an Infocomm Project Officer at the university's School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
NTU Prof Chan breaks his silence and dispels rumours!

Also read: The Really Curious Case of David Widjaja (with video of his family's Indonesian news interview)


Myra Leong said...

Did he jump or did he fall?

Anonymous said...

stress can make people do the craziest things.

Bengster said...

Jialat! I also think the Merlion kena hit by lightnight is bad sign liao.

ANG said...

The prof survived. That means we will all know soon what really happen. My guess is he wanted help from his prof but prof said he could do it by himself. Feeling pressured and stress, he got into an argument with the prof. Then stabbed him. Shocked, he then ran out with blood in his hand. Then thought of killing himself after committing the act.

serene li said...

anyone know what was the thing that he used to stab the professor?

Anonymous said...

The wvils of video games...He should have stick with Wii Fit and Yoga.

GeekGod said...

You play World of Warcraft everyday, you can also become mad.

Anonymous said...

singapore too stressful to live in lah... study also stress, work also stress... no work also stress.... many pple commit suicide now.

Fadri said...

It could have been worse. The guy could have gone on a killing spree in NTU. Luckily the only one who died is him.

Mr Big said...

Thank god we have no guns here.

Anonymous said...

>David Widjaja was upset when his scholarship was revoked last month and may have stabbed the wrong person instead.

How can he be so stupid to stab the wrong person???

Anonymous said...

i do not understand why there are people who sympathize with the guy. he tried to kill someone! he deserves his death. if he did not die he would probably end up in jail for a long time.

Anonymous said...

do u think bout scholarship? who knows the professor fault oso? asshole professor?!

For FYP student, all paid already, like impossible if still thinking bout scholarship.

And I think all people oso noe that Professor nth to do wif scholarship.

John Clover said...

omg.. do you really know what happened? Noone knows.. all are news from the media
think about it:
1. He's a genius. he won math olympics.. why he did such things?
2. It is said, he prepared a knife to stab but the prof manage to secure the knife.. BUT.. how can he slit his own wrist if the knife already secured by the prof? Is there the 2nd knife?
3. There was no proof that his wrist is slit..
4. There was a stab wound in his neck, who done that?
5. Police report said he found dead on the ground, police never said he jumped down
6. If he really wanted to suicide, why he chose to jump to the glass roof first, why not directly jump to the floor/ground?
7. Now the prof is out from hospital, Where is the media and police investigation??? No report at all???

This is definitely a CONSPIRACY THEORY.. yes, David was having trouble (maybe an irresponsible freedom) but looks like campus also try to cover up the case. Maybe it is a homicide

hendri said...

I do agree with John Clover opinion.
Singapore is a well known country in term of justice and law.
please do investigate the case in detail, and not covering up anything just because the student are not singaporean.
We can't judging people guilty until court with proof from detail investigation said so.

Anonymous said...

Agree with john. The fact that there are so many uncleared information, there's a great chance that the story is covered up just to keep clean the university's name plus the condition that the student is not singaporean. Remember that it is one well-known university in Asia, even in the world.

Curious said...

I think the fact that his closest friends are not allowed to say anything to the media should tell you something about how the university handle this matter.

Anonymous said...

I doo agree with jane...

it is strange!!! i hope that the truth will win...
i mean david maybe the one who will make indonesia better, he is the one of promising person, then he died with such that bad news,, taht is soooo bad if all of that is just conspiracy...

Jenny said...

yes,I agree,Don't hide something.

Please give us the truth

For the police, please investigate

and tell us the truth.

Don't make us think that u too have

the idea to cover up the case.

For the Nanyang University, please

don't hide too, just show us that

we can trust u , we can trust to

enroll our children there, without

any worries.

Anonymous said...

it's so obvious that NTU trying to spice things up to cover something!! from the statement that said david slit his wrist is already wrong. nothing found in his arms. instead a long cut found on his neck.
he's a good guy and he doesnt have any financial problem. his family is not poor, n not a big problem for them to pay the tuition even tho scholarship has been terminated

when the family came to see david's body, they never allow the parents to see the whole body, only the upper neck n head. don't know what they r trying to cover up. and the knife found was without the handle. isnt that ridiculous???

all the opinion on the newspaper hasn't been proved. and why the body cremated so fast??

Anonymous said...

there's no such thing as a very convinced statement if the witness is only one. Look, if the witness is the professor himself, how could the media and all people be really sure? why are u guys so sure the killer is David and not Prof Chan himself?

did anyone in NTU ever really SEE with their own eyes the scene where David jump from 5th floor?

and why the family of David is not allowed to see the body of their child? also, why on earth has the FYP of David been deleted in just 2 days???

John Clover said...

Hmm.. Infocomm Project Officer at EEE Informasi Division, School of Electrical and Electronics NTU, Zhou Zheng is committed another suicide.. at Nanyang

guess what, it's Electrical department again.. same with David.. is it related? Are both of them collateral damage?

Is it related to what David invent during his research that wanted to be claimed by NTU/Singapore? Intellectual invention that probably would shocked the world

wow.. this is either a big conspiracy theory OR a big blow up to the NTU name.. or Singapore name for more exact.. Can't wait for the truth

John Clover said...

Here are the unrevealed truth:

1. When Family visited David’s room and they found all the computer devices still on. Does someone who intent to suicide still switches on his computer? Even David’s friend who was online witnessed David’s msn account still appeared online. Does it looks like David wanted to end his life? Even he still played online games with his friend who visited David’s family with us until 2 am at Monday morning.

2. In Professor’s room family found there was David’s bag. In his bag family found 1.5 L mineral bottle and towel.( for those who knew David , He always brings towel to school even sometimes he put his towel on his neck. He also always brings water because his mother always instructs him to consume much water.) Does someone who want to suicide will bring this kind of stuff, it would be more easy to bring merely knife which is belongs to somebody.

3. Data about David and his final year project had been removed from NTU data base. Within 2 days NTU directly removed David’s data and his project. Is there any special reason behind this? Why should quickly removed his data? Don’t they have any feeling to remember their brilliant and intelligent student who won International Mathematic Olympic? Seemed like David never study in NTU.

4. The knife that had been used is from 4th hall, is that the result from investigation? Or just excused? One of our friends who study at NTU said usually Professor has small knife in his office to cut fruit. The question is that knife belongs to David or Professor Chan Kap Luk?

5. one of his friend who play the same online game Destiny Online found him still posting discussing the games in the forum around 9 AM at that day….. Look like someone wanted to suicide?

Anonymous said...

Nerf Backstab!!!

Anonymous said...

so guys...don't believe everything the news tells you...

Anonymous said...

Such a strange case.. the police can't tell more because they have to be responsible to the public in providing the facts. So it's not that the police wants to cover up, its maybe that they also lack evidences/facts to answer to the public.

1) The professor stabbed himself? There is a stabbing wound at the back. There is no way to stab yourself at the back except through fixtures or an accomplice.. It's not sensible for a prof to injure himself just to put an assualt blame on his student.. But it's different if there was killing intent, but what motive? There is almost no motive... There should be someone with greater motive.

2) There is no need for the David to suicide if he really stabbed the Prof. This is because if he did go opposite directions after the assualt, he did not intend to kill. He was either in a state of remorse or fear. In either state, it is abnormal for him to expose himself rather than going into hiding. Therefore, there should be someone else he met and that made his thoughts suicidal (if he did suicide) or that he was dead before he "suicided".

3) The second person to die didn't leave a suicide note? Strange since he is a foreigner... at least should had a suicide message somewhere right? And why he wants to hung himself to death five days after he found a job with the current economy? There is no motive for suicide. Makes one very curious enough to link these two cases together.. but how..? only the police will know.

4) The neck cut is probably the most suspicious point - why is there neck cuts? If the actual cause of David death is strangling using a wire/nylon type object, then the neck cut could be explained. Why the body fell off the glass panel was due to stiffening efect of a dead body (probably what the girl saw was that the body "jump off" but actually fell off. The plumber should be seeing a much earlier scene before body stiffening). Blood at the buttocks observed by bloggers' photos (if photos are real) probably due to the sitting position adopted before the jump. But where does the blood comes from in a strangle? Probably this blood comes from the murderer himself, he did "slit himself". If this is really the case, quite prudent for the authorities to say suicidal or fear will struck the campus of a possible murderer lurking.

5) The knife found without a handle is no surprise. What is surprising is if the prof's statement that he is actually in good state to turn and wrestle that knife from David after a direct stab from the back. The fact that he could this really proves one thing, there was no intention for David to kill (assume prof telling the truth). If the prof is telling the truth, then the next question is David's intention for this assualt. If David has no intention to kill but wants to assualt his prof, then a knife (brought by David) is definitely an overkill. This would means the knife should be already at the crime scene, or that someone else is at that scene with this knife. Another interesting point is... did the prof see clearly who stabbed him? Or the room was dim and he is really too fearful for his own life to even notice..

6) No matter how it looks, the killing intent of David is too weak. If this is the case, how can the thoughts of suicide come up to a logical person? Especially, when he is not under any form of duress at that point of time... (or is he?)...

Anonymous said...

If you want to kill somebody, do you stab his back? How many times do you think you need to stab the back to kill him?? Is david stupid? I don't think so.

If the intention is to kill, shouldn't the 'killer' stab the heart or the stomach and twist the knife to ensure a qucik death to the victim?

Christina said...

1. it is possible for someone to stab his back by himself if he want to do so...

2. why david didn kill profesor, (why profesor still survive)

3. is there any third person in the scene? somebody kill prof and david saw it.... the killer throw david ground from it floors

4. prof have any reason to kill david?