Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Companies using blogs for internal communication

Companies are finding out that blog technology is ideal in improving their internal communication. Blog software is cheap, interactive and easy to deploy making it an attractive choice of communication for companies. From Business Week:
Over the last month, Cannondale has opened its corporate Web site to 15 of its sales and marketing staffers. Each one now has the tools to file his or her own updates, press releases, photos, and news about the race teams Cannondale sponsors, says Janet Maurice, the company's Webmaster.

It may not seem like they're blogging. They're simply using software to send information. Sometimes they do it from remote Internet caf├ęs. In time, they'll be able to file from cell phones. But each mailing, technically, is a blog post. And the program will expand to a host of Cannondale staffers and affiliates. "We're transferring our corporate content management system to blogs," Maurice says.
Step aside corporate intranets!

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