Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dark chocolate protects smokers

Good news for smokers. Researchers have discovered that dark chocolate helps prevent heart disease in smokers. From Channel NewsAsia:
Smoking is thought to cause blood clots and damage the endothelial, the layer of cells that line blood vessels.

The researchers found that dark chocolate "significantly improved flow-mediated dilation, a measure of the function of the endothelium, for eight hours".

Platelet activity, which is associated with blood clots, was reduced almost by half.

White chocolate had no effect on endothelial cells, platelets or antioxidant levels, the study found.
Go grab your dark chocs now!


Anonymous said...

...n too much of it makes u fat.


Anonymous said...

The best way to prevent heart disease in smokers is to stop smoking!

Anonymous said...

Smoking and chocolates are my two fav!

Anonymous said...

mayan babe: make sure it is dark chocs then.

Anonymous said...

If you smoke, make sure you take a lot of antioxidants, do lots of exercise and take in moderate amounts of dark chocolate.