Monday, February 27, 2006

New Vista will come in six versions

The new Operating System from Microsoft called Vista will come in six versions. Microsoft thinks that it is best to have the right set of offerings for different customers. From ZDNet:
Consumers will also be able to buy either Vista Home Basic or Vista Home Premium, in addition to the Ultimate edition, while businesses will be able to choose Vista Business or, if they have a volume licensing deal, they can opt for a higher-end Vista Enterprise edition. Microsoft also plans a Vista Starter edition that will be sold only on new PCs in emerging markets...

Microsoft did not disclose pricing for Vista, although Goffe said Vista Business will be priced similar to XP Professional, while Vista Home Basic will have a price tag similar to Windows XP home. Vista Ultimate will be the highest priced of the products.
You know what I really want Microsoft? All I want is a version that doesn't have so many security holes and one that doesn't hang and crash.


Mr Big said...

There is already an OS that doesn't crash and hang often and one that doesn't have the security holes.

It is called..... Mac OS. :oP

hrex36 said...

I'm secretly hoping for a free Google OS.