Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Play the McDonald's videogame

Running a big corporation like McDonald's ain't easy at all. I played the McDonald's videogame (in flash) a while ago and just realised that it's tough trying to make money all the time. In the game, you will have to create pastures, rear your cattles, slaughter them to make burger, hire and manage your crew, do lots of advertising and marketing and please your board of directors. There are also a lot of dirty work to do such as bribing the politicians and environmentalists, cutting down forests and clearing human habitat. All these for McDonald's to the rule the world. Tough job but someone has to do it.

(Thanks jesty41)


Anonymous said...

The game makes fun of McDonald's. I keep getting bankrupt everytime.

Anonymous said...

Cool game!

I love McDonald's!

Anonymous said...

My cows all die of mad cow liao!

Anonymous said...

It is quite addictive. Somehow I think the game makers made it such that McDonald's will go bankrupt even if you manage it in the game well.