Thursday, February 23, 2006

Get your Tammy NYP merchandise, video and domain

Tammy is now an international superstar! Someone is selling Tammy merchandise such as t-shirts, tongs and dog t-shirts. There's even a guy who is advertising his services on eBay to help people find the infamous Tammy sex video. And there's a domain too. Currently it goes to a page with an advertisement. The domain owner is planning to sell it to anyone interested. He can be reached at

(Thanks Jul, ace)

Update: More Tammy merchandise can be found here and here.

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Guy wants government to regulate blogs because of Tammy
Paris Hilton talks about Tammy
Don't do a Tammy


dann said...

I dun think I wanna wear a tong which says, "I fucked Tammy at NYP".

mooiness said...

Actually it's registered through GoDaddy - not by them. The registrant is "Domains by Proxy Inc.".

So presumably it's by a person/entity who'd wished to remain anonymous. ;)

Re: merchandise - damn the Internet sure moves fast on these things.

Anonymous said...

There are nicer ones here.

Mr Big said...

I have big hopes for our Tammy. ;oP

Shy said...

dann: unless you are a lesbian.

cece said...

The dog tee is cute.

Bengster said...

wa lao! got tshirt some more...i also want to become international star!

Lord Kimbo said...

eh Bengster, you must first star in your own homemade sex flick using your mobile phone.

finatiq said...

Try wearing the tshirt in Nanyang Poly.

Myra Leong said... What the hell will anyone use that for?

JO said...

The girl should sit back and look all the whole incident in a different way.

Laugh at it all.


And see how she has been the talk of the town and the internet world.

ENG said...

Yes not everyone gets such fame everyday.

Sir Thomas said...

I seriously do not think that these people are about to cash in on the poor girl. They are just out for some fun.