Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A photoblog minus the photos

I call Unphotographable a photoblog without any photos because it only has text accounts of photos that the blogger did not take. For example, in the latest entry, he says:
This is a picture I did not take of a woman smoking crack, or her red jacket, which was hanging by its hood on a red pole (tall as a person) sunk in red brick, isolated and perfect, or how she wanted me to pay her, saying, "everything costs in America" while pulling her coat away, nor is it of a large man in a tiny t-shirt, loading a child's tricycle onto an empty bike rack on the front of a bus, while a man in a coat and a "Fast For Survival" t-shirt flashed me (and his friend) a butcher knife that he was concealing up the sleeve of his winter jacket, nor is it of the man in a wheelchair across the street, attempting (and failing) to roll-up a ramp, and nearly falling backward while being yelled at by another man approaching, shouting, "man, you gotta Slow Your Roll!"
You can almost visualise the photograph developing infront of you. Now, who says you need a camera to capture such moments?!

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panda said...

i love this blog.coz it has the most precious moments.As a avid amatuer photographer,u wana capture every beautiful moments,yet some moments r too pricless/influential to b pictured.Its a waste n a regret made more beautiful.In our hearts it lives,in the blog it spreads.I personally love this part the most:

y --been there,done that,