Thursday, June 15, 2006

BBC special series from inside Burma

BBC's Kate McGeown was in Burma to talk to people about life under the repressive Burmese military regime. The BBC is posting her special reports online. From BBC:
I was only in Burma for a short time, but I quickly found out how uncomfortable it is to be under surveillance - albeit by a somewhat amateur spy.

On my first day, a man walked into the lobby of my hotel and pretended to read a newspaper near where I was sitting.

He did not turn the page for 20 minutes, but the real giveaway was that the paper - a week-old copy of The Straits Times - was upside-down.

Despite the obvious personal risks of talking to a foreigner, many Burmese people were still willing to put aside their fears and share their lives with me.
Here's the link to her second article. Future articles can be found here.

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Thx Iz...for featuring about burma(myanmar) in your blog...We needs international attentions and helps.