Monday, June 12, 2006

How revolutionary can Google's GBuy be?

The title of a Forbes story about Google's new product sure is eye-catching. It says: Google's GBuy Could Be 'Revolutionary'. I'm thinking how revolutionary can one's "GBUY" be? LOL. From Forbes:
Consumers using GBuy, which is set for release on June 28, will be taken off the merchant's site to complete the payment. This will enable Google to capture e-commerce transaction data, driving more precise targeting in future searches.

"If harnessed, the precision of this targeting could be revolutionary," wrote RBC analyst Jordan Rohan in a report Friday.

On its core search results pages, Google will designate each merchant accepting GBuy as a "trusted GBuy merchant."
For those of you who don't understand Chinese, then most likely you won't get it. Say GBuy out loud and fast and it will sound like... C^%$#@i. Well, go ask your Chinese mates.


Boywonder said...

What the fk?!!! GBUY!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

cece said...

Oh dear.
Talk about giving a bad name to a product.

twat said...

A merchant talking to Google: Can you help me? My Gbuy isn't working.

Lord Kimbo said...

Wahahahaha! Someone must tell Google not to go with that Gbuy name.

Myra Leong said...

GBuy! WAH!

xXx said...

twat: Good one there! haha!

SIM said...

-> trusted GBuy merchant