Thursday, June 29, 2006

Eagle chicks kill sibling on webcam

Kids please do not do this to your brother or sister. I repeat. Do not do this to your brother or sister. From
One of the hottest web cams on the internet has gained tremendous popularity thanks in part to the soap opera antics of its unlikely stars—two nesting bald eagles and their eaglet children.

The short nesting season has already been rife with drama for the family. Although three chicks hatched, regular viewers noticed one day that a chick was missing and never returned.

Scientists with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and the Biodiversity Research Institute in Maine, which run the web cam, suspect foul play.

It is not uncommon for bald eagle chicks to peck their weakest sibling to death in a gruesome display of "survival of the fittest." U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials have not said conclusively what happened, but all signs point to murder. Based on their notes, the likely suspect is the biggest and most aggressive of the eaglets, although there are no plans at this time to press charges.
Click here to view the webcam by the National Wildlife Federation.

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