Friday, June 30, 2006

Blogger Registration Act: How China does it

Yesterday, I blogged about the Blogger Registration act and what two Singapore bloggers think if Singapore does implement such an act. One country that has been actively monitoring blogs is China. The Chinese government has been making it compulsory for blogs, other websites and search engines to register themselves with the authorities since last year. Those who fail to do so will have their blogs taken down.

Recently, the Chinese government is stepping up its efforts in controlling blogs. Introducing Chacha and Jingjing (pic above), two virtual cops that will be placed on blogs by mid July. From China Daily:
Jingjing, depicted as a male cartoon officer, and Chacha, a female, went to work on four locally based Websites on Wednesday, a Guangdong newspaper said yesterday.

By mid-July, they will cover the city's major Website homepages and interactive pages, such as blogs and chatrooms.

The city's cyber cops will issue and implement Internet information security, check distribution of malicious information and online illegal activities, and investigate online crimes.

Along with the two virtual officers, an icon of a police station with flashing red light will also appear on Web pages. Netizens can click any of them, linking to the cyber police Website, to report online crimes or submit questions.
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Anonymous said...

Ha! Why are they standing on manhole covers?

Anonymous said...

this idea stinks.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Well, I know that Blogspot is blocked in China. My friends over there cannot access my blog.