Friday, June 02, 2006

Glossary of blog terms

Ever wondered what is an Anonoblog or a Blogroach? This glossary of blog terms will equip you with all the words and slang that are used in the blogging world. From Whatis?com:
A blog maintained by an anonymous author, often under a pseudonym or pen name. Synonyms include anonyblog, faux blog and ghostblog.

Atom is a machine-readable XML-based web syndication format which allows users to subscribe to blogs and other web content subject to frequent change. This XML file may be called an Atom feed, webfeed, Atom stream or Atom channel.

Automated form of podcasting that allows bloggers and blog readers to generate audio versions of text-only blogs from RSS feeds.

A blog where the blogger posts recordings of voice, music or other audio content, often with textual annotation to identify the content for indexing.
(Thanks hammamike)

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