Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How can Singapore have anything to teach India?

Rana ponders if Singapore can teach anything to India about the finer points of governance. From Blowing' In The Wind:
Come on, how can Singapore have anything to teach India? The two countries are so different. One is a tiny city state, the other a virtual subcontinent in itself with the world's second largest population. There's no doubt about the foresight and acumen of Singapore's leaders. But could anyone exercise the same authority in India? It is too big to be as well-ordered as Singapore.

We Indians speak different languages, each region has its own problems, there is agitation on one issue or another in some part of the country almost every day. That is inevitable in a big, populous nation. There is agitation and unrest even in communist China, and India is a democracy.


The Malaysian. said...

I remember when Indira Gandhi was PM and Lee Kuan Yew had tried to lecture India on governance she said unlike tiny Singapore, India with its diversity, size and population had to from time to time allow small 'explosions' in order to avoid a big one. There is absolutely no basis for comparing the two in practical terms. One is destined for 'superpowerdom' while the other will always be a microscopic example of good governance on the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new. Singapore loves to teach other govts how to run their country better.