Monday, June 26, 2006

Free World Cup in Singapore

Who says you have to pay StarHub to watch the World Cup live in Singapore? There's always Indonesia's free SCTV. From Channel NewsAsia:
Singaporeans in some parts of the island have been receiving free signals from neighbouring countries. Earlier this month, upon the instructions of the World Cup's media rights distributor, Infront Sports & Media AG, Malaysia's RTM 1 channel encrypted its signals such that only Malaysian viewers could watch the channel.

But the SCTV coverage can still be enjoyed by those with an antenna living in the east, central and south-east areas of Singapore.

While StarHub is aware of the "loophole", there is nothing much it can do about it.

"It's not something that can be mandated. There aren't any agency around that controls or regulates such spillover signals. Neither is there any technology available to block these signals. Besides, blocking signals from other countries can be a sensitive issue," said StarHub spokesperson Huang Shu-Yin.
And the last time I checked, the RTM signal was back to acceptable viewing standards.


Anonymous said...

No wonder the kopi shop uncle I went to last night not happy with the other kopi shop next door. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

SCTV showing all the matches and it is free!

Anonymous said...

Starhub says it is sensitive issue to to block another country's signal? What willl happen? Will it start a war? Heh.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the govt will step in and ban the use of antennas.

Anonymous said...

For home viewing, its better to subscribe rather than buy an antenna which will cost the same.

Anonymous said...

shy: im not susprised if they will take that step.

Anonymous said...

my sctv signal sucks so i have to choice but to pay starhub.

None said...

i disapprove of people slapping a price on things which are better off being free.

What's next? Pay to have personal space or breathable air?