Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blogger Registration Act

Singapore Angle asks what if there is a Blogger Registration Act in Singapore? From Singapore Angle:
Suppose, a particular criminal offence triggered by a blogger's insuination to violence is distilled into the real world, the government has decided to take control after letting things run its natural course. They decide that all the bloggers are required to register themselves under a Blogger Registration Act. In this act, the blogger is required to register his real name and his background with the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts (MICA). If you have been blogging under an anonymous identity, will you register under such an act?

There are two schools of thought: the first belongs to the group who thinks that they should have the right to be anonymous and say whatever they like and the second who decide that they should reveal their identities to MICA. Both cases are equally justified in deciding whether to register for the bloggers registration act. What follows, is that the government decides to enact the law and force the opposition to register. If the opposition refuses, they will take them by "force" and deny them their rights. I would really love to ask for a vote among all the bloggers in the Singapore blogosphere which side they would be on. It would show their diversity of opinions on the issue.
The Students' Notebook thinks that such an act is a bad idea. From The Students' Notebook:
The negative implications from any invoking of a Blogger Registration Act in the forseeable future far outweights any benefits it brings (if there is any). Furthermore, most bloggers aren't anonymous. The Singapore blogosphere has the ability to be self-regulating, and to upset its ecology by introducing regulation is not only a bad idea to the blogospehere, but harmful to the country as well.


None said...

I think it's a bad idea to regulate and force bloggers to reveal their identity and purpose of their blogs.

We are not all superstar bloggers, im sure many of us would rather remain anonymous, and wouldn't want anybody to read our blogs either if it's gonna affect the world in any way.

To borrow the plot, like the x-men, their gahmen fear the mutants, hence they want to clamp down everything, register/exterminate/get rid of/pin back each and every one of them so none will do evil deeds. (but how many bad ones are there??) Their gahmen want total control. It's an overkill.

If such a ruling is's simply distasteful. Makes people wonder even more, why there are still stupid people are sitting in high places making decisions that only affect people in the lower rungs.

Sorry pardon my horrigible engrish. my 2 cents worth...

Anonymous said...

well blogs in singapore so far has not cause much problems for the government.

but hey look at china, they are regulating blogs there. singapore may just follow suit if there is a need to control "freedom of information" in the local blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Singapore blogs are harmless to the gahmen.

Anonymous said...

one word: CONTROL

Anonymous said...

I'm sure bloggers in Singapore will revolt and overthrow the government if such things happen right?