Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who the bloody hell stole the lift signs?

Only in Singapore will a bunch of stolen lift signs make it to the news. From Channel NewsAsia:
$7,500 worth of lift signage has been stolen from 4 blocks in Marsiling Drive.

A Town Council property officer doing a routine check on the blocks on Thursday morning found 50 signs missing from lift lobbies in blocks 3, 4, 11 and 36.

Each sign is worth $150.

Police are treating this as a case of vandalism.
Who the hell steals lift signs? I say this is a case of lift signage fetish.


Bengster said...


funny sia

velvetique said...

IZ, too much lift signs is no good.

jebat said...

what! one sign 150 dollars?? Town Council kena ketok lah.

ang said...

Lift signage fetish!

At least we now know that those town council officers are really working.

wiqai said...

jebat: dats where our income tax goes to.

Jane Lim said...

Times must be real bad for some.

Sir Thomas said...

Is there a lift signage black market in Singapore?