Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Biased Chinese football commentator

Here's one football commentator in China who really doesn't like the Aussies. From People's Daily:
Huang lost his cool as Francesco Totti scored a penalty in the last minute to give 10-man Italy a 1-0 win over Australia.

The 38-year-old Huang screamed "Penalty! Penalty! Penalty!" as Italian defender Fabio Grosso tumbled over Lucas Neill's challenge in the Australian box.

"Grosso made it! He made it! Don't give Australia any chance! Great Italian left back. Grosso alone represents the long history and traditions of Italian soccer. He is not fighting alone," he shouted.

"Totti! He is about to take the shot. He shoulders the expectations of the whole world.

"It's a goal! Game over! ... Italy didn't fall to (Guus) Hiddink's team this time (Hiddink had led South Korea to oust Italy in the 2002 World Cup). Happy birthday to Paolo Maldini (born on July 26)! Long Live Italy!"

Huang then turned to the Socceroos: "Go home! But they don't need to fly back as far as to Australia because most of them live in Europe. Bye-bye."
Don't think he will ever be welcomed to Australia anytime soon or host any football match again.


Anonymous said...

I was amused also when he sudden shouted "Penalty!Penalty!" at the almost ending of the match.

But after the match he got explained to the host at cctv why he got so excited when Italy got a penalty kick. He disliked the australia for certain reason. I forgot what was it liaoz..

Anonymous said...

he must have had too much Tsingtao beer to drink while commentating the game.

Anonymous said...

He is just one hardcore italian football fan lah.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a penalty!!!

The Italians got lucky.

Laughingcow said...

Yeah I was actually listening to that commentary (no cable), and later on he clarified that his bias was due to Australia's inclusion in Asia (in future tournaments). This means that "Asia" will be effectively denied one more spot in the World Cup, he said, and China would have even less chance of qualifying. Something along those lines anyway.

Anonymous said...

Australia probably rejected his PR application.