Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Teens do not use condoms consistently

Teens and young adults who are having sex with their partners, are not using condoms consistently according to a new study. They must remember that consistent condom use is necessary, regardless of who their partner is or how long they've been in the relationship. From Reuters:
Researchers found that among more than 1,300 15- to 21-year-olds, those with casual sex partners had unprotected sex just as often as those in serious relationships -- about 20 times over the previous three months, on average.

Those who had casual sex were more likely to use condoms at least some of the time, the study found. But because they had sex more often, they ended up having unprotected intercourse just as frequently as their peers in steady relationships.

The findings point up two different problems, according to the researchers.

"Unfortunately, this reveals that teens may overestimate the safety of using condoms most of the time with a casual partner and underestimate the risk of unprotected sex with a serious partner," lead study author Dr. Celia Lescano said in a statement.


xXx said...

Safe sex always. Hehehe.

Fannie said...

Oh dear!
They are not using condoms?
Oh no!

Bengster said...

Eh I think it is the same for teens in Singapore too.

Anonymous said...

I fear the path that many teens are facing today with pregnancy and their choices to terminate or abort. it seems that once they find they are pregnant, the first thought is abortion. It seems a easy answer. I read dozens of posts ( http://www.keyfess.com/teen_abortions-the_truth ) regarding this exact problem and the attitude is heatbreaking. When can we teach our youth to take precautions to avoid getting pregnant in the first place?