Saturday, September 02, 2006

The web museum of vintage calculators

You know, whenever I see the word calculator, it immediately reminds me of Casio (the brand). And whenever I think of Casio, it reminds me of a teacher I once had, who has a problem pronouncing the word Casio. "Cashier," he would say. All of us students were dumbfounded. "What brand is that?" Anyway, for those of you who love calculators, here's the Vintage Calculators Web Museum. It has a collection of pictures and information on vintage mechanical & early electronic desk calculators. This one on the left is the Facit C1-13, a mechanical calculator made in 1961. It can multiply a 10 digit number by an 8 digit number and give a 13 digit answer. Everybody.... Ooh! Ahh!

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