Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Don't run in a group if you are gay

A group of joggers at the Singapore River were stopped by the police because they are gays. From Yawning Bread:
So there they were early on Saturday morning, 10 of them. Most were lurking in the shadows, but it was obvious to Miak, Ethan and the rest that they were the police. One of them in the shadows might have been the officer in charge. According to one of the runners, that guy was quite senior in the police force. The runner recognised him as an old classmate.

After identifying himself, Kelvin Yeo informed Ethan that the run would be considered an offence under the Miscellaneous Offences Act. Ethan asked him to cite the specific section, but Kelvin was unable to. Instead, the officer said it would be considered an illegal assembly.

At some point, Ng Yi-Sheng, one of the runners, walked up to join Ethan, to act as a witness to the conversation. He was shooed away by the police.

Since the police had declared it an illegal assembly, Ethan told Kelvin he would cancel the Pink Run. "But as individuals, they can run, right?"

Both Kelvin and the female officer beside him said yes.
Here's another report of the run. Crikey! Singapore: a free and open society? Maybe not so when you are gay. I don't see why those people are not allowed to do the run as a group. It's not as if they run around shouting "Gay sex is the best!" or "Let's all be gays!". I'm beginning to think that our police force has nothing better to do nowadays. Maybe crime rate is down. Not many murder cases, etc. So let's harass these gay joggers then. Geeesh.


Anonymous said...

That's really absurd. Harrasment!

Anonymous said...

Harassment - sorry wrong spelling :oP

Anonymous said...

leave the gays alone. they do not harm anyone.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because they were wearing pink. Ha!!

Anonymous said...

Thank god, I only run/jog in pairs.

Anonymous said...

The govt is gay phobic!

Anonymous said...

hi gay mates, if you dont mind, come to join me at Thursday evening! Its safe, honestly :P

P/S: Ahem, its hard for me to wake up early in the mornin for jogging or running! XD

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