Inside Coke's Happiness Factory

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Inside the Happiness Factory is an animated documentary based on a Coca Cola TV ad made by the folks at Wieden+Kennedy and Psyop. The documentary gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at the Happiness Factory. Real Coca-Cola employees were interviewed and their responses were used for the animated factory workers. I think this is so brilliantly done that I would pay to watch it in the cinema if it was a full length animated movie. Hmmm. Maybe that's something that Coke should consider.


Anonymous said…
The idea is very similar to Aardman's "Creature Comforts," which was their original, Oscar-winning short before they invented "Wallace & Gromit," and more recently adapted into a miniseries for ABC (I think). Visually I think this is great, but the responses sound too scripted, and I'm a little disturbed by how insidious this is as a commercial, all the colors swirling hypnotically towards the Coke logo.

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