Save the Kranji Countryside

Ivy of Bollywood Veggies wrote to me recently to highlight a potential problem happening in our countryside:
We seek your support in helping us save our Countryside. The Kranji Countryside is the last remaining natural oasis left in Singapore, that has not been blemished by skyscrapers or anything remotely related to the building of skyscrapers.

If the govt were to go ahead with the dumping of granite on arable land, earmarked for agriculture, the soil will be permanently damaged, and will be deemed useless. The natural surroundings in the area will become polluted, neighbouring farms will be affected by silica contamination, and the peace and tranquility that us as Singaporeans come to the Countryside for, will diminish.

If you care about what happens to the Countryside, to your future or your children's future, where food is concerned, then please log on to our online petition and support our cause.
Help her out will ya? Here's the link to the petition. I've been to the Kranji Countryside once last year. I was there to check out Bollywood Veggies. It's so lovely and peaceful there. I even fell in love with the entire area. Let's hope the dumping of granite there will not pollute the land.


Anonymous said…
It's in the papers today. Some govt people said that the granite dump will not affect the land at all. Hmmm.
Anonymous said…
Got my support!
Anonymous said…
I wonder how bad the situation is now.
Anonymous said…
i lurve bollywood veggies!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Can't the government dump the granite somewhere else? Like in one of the nearby islands.

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