Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Watch the Total Lunar Eclipse!

Photo by cosmosjon.

A total eclipse of the moon will be visible today for those in North and South America, the Pacific, eastern Asia and Australia. Unfortunately for us in Singapore and our neighbours, totality will be over when the moon is about to rise. Darn! Click the following link for maps and eclipse timings. From NASA:

August's lunar eclipse is well-placed for North and South America as well as the Pacific, eastern Asia and Australia. All of North America will witness some portion of the eclipse, but western observers are favored. The early umbral phases will be in progress at moonset for observers in Maritime Canada. From the eastern USA, the Great Lakes region and Ontario, the Moon sets in total eclipse. Only observers to the west of the Rockies (including Alaska) will be treated to the entire event. All phases of the eclipse are also visible from islands of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand and eastern Australia. Various stages of the eclipse are in progress at moonrise for eastern Asia. No eclipse is visible from Europe, Africa and western Asia.
Those who are living in countries where the total lunar eclipse isn't visible, can head to Discovery Channel's Live Streaming of the eclipse from 5.30pm. Discovery Channel Asia (Starhub Cable TV Channel 12) will also have a 2 hour moon special featuring documentaries "95 Worlds and Counting" and "If We Had No Moon" from 5pm.


freethoughtguy said...

Unfortunately for us in San Francisco, we had FOG!

Anonymous said...

Very cloudy in Singapore. Wanted to see the partial part of the eclipse.

I.Z. Reloaded said...

freethinker: We aren't any luckier in Singapore. Clouds.

Anonymous said...

Blast! I missed it.

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