Saturday, June 07, 2008

FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women vs Maxim's Hot 100

What the Blog gives an in-depth analysis of FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women and Maxim's Hot 100. From What the Blog?!:
1. For starters, FHM's top Megan Fox ranks 13th on Maxim's list, but Maxim's top gal Marisa Miller isn't even in FHM's Top 50 --she's only 53rd, right between Jenny McCarthy and Kate Hudson.

2. The two lists share only 44 women (although Maxim saved space by listing the Pussycat Dolls at 17th while FHM listed two of the dolls separately, Nicole Scherzinger at 62nd and Carmit Bachar at 96th.)

3. FHM and Maxim only agree 100 percent on one woman. Mila Kunis (of That '70s Show, the voice of Meg on Family Guy and of late the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is definitely the 81st sexiest woman alive.

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