Saturday, June 07, 2008

Singapore Dissident: Blog Reactions

Lin Quan Zhong from the Asia Media Forum wrote a good piece about Gopalan Nair aka Singapore Dissident and highlighted some reactions by bloggers. The story is reprinted by Inter Press Service News Agency. From IPS:
Nair’s actions and disclosure of his personal details and location in Singapore, which to many sounded like an open challenge, were probably "the most daring or foolish act ever in the history of the blogosphere," added the writer of the blog called ‘I.Z. Reloaded’.

But in his blog ‘Sheep City’, Aidil Omar wrote that the real lesson in the Nair case is that "we common sheep are not allowed to air our disgust and frustrations towards the incorruptible and infallible members of the ruling government".

"The thing is no government is really true and honest, so every government tries to clamp down on these things [criticism]. But Singapore overdid it," said Tyler Goh, a Malaysian studying in Singapore." He added that "everything praises the People’s Action Party," the ruling party of the Singaporean government.

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