Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US Elections LIVE!: Obama becomes US President!


What a day! Barack Obama has been elected the new President of the United States of America! For those of you who missed my live coverage of the US elections today on Twitter, here it is republished in full:
A reader emails me saying that they are having a great party in the Japanese city of Obama. Damn, I so wanna dance with those hula girls.

Thanks to @acidflask for pointing out to me that I have been spelling Barack Obama's name with a double r. Ooops. It's Barack IZ, Barack!

I'm happy but envious of Americans because they got the change they wanted. I hope I live to see change come to Singapore one day.

Looks like McCain will be slaughtered later today in Kenya. Enjoy the beef feast, you Kenyans!

Amazing and inspirational speech by President elect Barrack Obama. Congrats Obama! And to Americans, you've made the right choice.

The road ahead is long, the climb is steep but Obama promises that America will get there.

Obama says that this victory belongs to the American people.

Obama talks greatly of McCain and congratulates his running mate Vice President Elect Joe Biden and say thanks to his family.

Obama appears on stage accompanied by his wife and two daughters. His two girls must be so happy that their daddy is President.

President Obama will address the American people in 2 mins.

The saddest thing is that Obama's grandma who passed away a day before election, did not live to see her grandson become President.

Everyone now is waiting for Obama to make an appearance and give his speech. I bet this will be the most played speech on TV in history!

McCain has just made his best speech of the election campaign. Too bad for him and his supporters it comes at the end of the election.

McCain is urging all Americans to congratulate and help Obama as he leads the nation.

McCain is now talking to his supporters. He says he has called Obama to congratulate him. He adds he admires him and commends him.

The US and the world can celebrate a historic day today as Obama becomes the new President of USA! Trust me. He will change the world.

La-La-La-La-La Obama! Lala-La-La-La-La-La-La Obama! Obama is beautiful world! Obama is number 1!

CNN projects that Barrack Obama is now the elected President of United States! Wooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

McCain once said that he rather lose the elections than lose the war. Looks like he is right.
Here's how CNN beams its faraway interviewees live into the studio:

CNN is showing off more amazing graphics/effects. The latest is this amazing interview they did via hologram. It's like Star Trek!

@Scobleizer US now a "communist country"? LOL. If so, welcome to the club

Some of the graphics they show on CNN's Live Coverage is amazing!

The secret to a very likely Obama win is the young and new voters! Also popular with Obama are Afro Americans and Latinos.

McCain's advisors have just sent emails to CNN saying that they see no clear path to victory.

The popular votes show that both McCain and Obama are equally popular but it's the electoral votes which count and Obama is way ahead.

The Democrats have taken the Senate and they're looking strong in the House too. Very good day for Obama and co.

It's 207-135 to Obama according to BBC while CNN reports Obama leads McCain 207-89.

Want to know what was really said? Compare the quotes given by Obama and McCain.

I said it before and I'll say it again. McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as VP is irresponsible and foolish, and he is paying for it now.

70 electoral votes more for Obama to win!

BBC says its Obama 200 McCain 124 while CNN reports Obama has 199 McCain 78.

I'm not going to call it yet, no one will, but I can tell you now Obama is looking very very good to be the next US President.

No Republican has ever got to the White House without winning Ohio. History doesn't look so good for McCain.

Obama has just won another key state, Ohio! It's a big win for him. A big lost for McCain.

BBC says Obama has 195 electoral votes to McCain's 90 while CNN reports it's 194-69 for Obama!

Obama wins the key battleground state of Pennsylvania. Experts say it will be difficult for McCain to win the Presidency without it.

A reader emails me saying that she's so excited now that she needs an Obama dildo!

It's now 175-61 Electoral Votes to Obama according to the BBC while CNN says Obama leads McCain 174-49.
I personally believe that an Obama win will change the world. It's nice that others think the same way too.

If Obama wins, people in Kenya will celebrate by slaughtering a bull named McCain. Poor bull.

For those of you who want to know how the US Election results are reported by the BBC:

BBC reports that Obama has 103 electoral votes compared to McCain's 49. 270 to win. Go Obama!

It is still early and the votes are still being counted but Obama is leading McCain.


Shy said...

Obama! Obama! Obama!

pinkdior said...

i may need that obama dildo too

Mr Big said...

>I'm happy but envious of Americans because they got the change they wanted. I hope I live to see change come to Singapore one day.

We need an Obama fast!

GeekGod said...

I would be surprised if McCain had won. I agree that he made an error with appointing Sarah Palin as his VP. I think he is still a nice man but his campaign advisors and writers fucked up and made him look bad and unlikable. As for Obama, let's hope that he leads well.

Bengster said...

>A reader emails me saying that they are having a great party in the Japanese city of Obama. Damn, I so wanna dance with those hula girls.

Me too! LOL