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Noise Singapore 2009 Artist of the Day: Random Sunday

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Starting today, I'll be choosing five Noise Singapore 2009 artists from the Art and Design category and I will feature each artist and his/her work here. Now into its 4th year, Noise Singapore is a platform for young people to express themselves creatively through the arts. Today's Noise Singapore Artist of the Day is Random Sunday!

Random Sunday is a collective brand of t-shirts that were created by David Stevanov and Gian Jonathan on March 2008. Both of them are finishing their courses in Lasalle College of the Arts (David) and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Jonathan). The name came after Jonathan suggested that it would be cool to have a name of the days and shortly "random" was added in because of the creators' tendency to talk random nonsense and ideas. In fact, the initiative to form Random Sunday was born in one of these "random" conversations.

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Above: Random Sunday's machine like no other: "A visual representation for Sony Vaio to show the complexity and capability of the machine's performance."

Random Sunday's designs were mainly inspired by their childhood dreams and beautiful memories of how the mighty Power Rangers could save the world without the help of any Dragon Balls and still refusing to accept the fact that Doraemon came to Nobita's house, not theirs. Hopefully by sharing these stories, others who see their artworks would be able to enjoy and relive their own wonderful memories.

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Above: Random Sunday's Crane Machine: "A platform to reach and select fresh and new talents is our interpretation of Noise. Derived from this, we chose a crane machine to be the visual represent the whole idea. Instead of the dolls or other prizes, the crane machine contains a fresh and young talents as the prizes, it serves as a platform where the professional, future employer and public to notice and select them to enter the industries."

Recently, Random Sunday won the inaugural The Future Talent Awards by FutureBrand, Singapore. They also won the 1st prize in My Noise Tee Design Competition and were selected to be a part of the Noise Singapore Design Team. They are also featured in Noise Magazine 2009. You can view more artwork from Random Sunday here and here.

The Noise Singapore Festival Showcase is now on till 29 March at LevelOne@Far East Plaza. Check it out!

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