Thursday, March 30, 2006

10 rules to manage your boss

Wanna learn how to manage your boss? Is that even possible in the first place? Oh yes it is, according to Jacques Horovitz. He wrote 10 rules to manage your boss. Give them a try. If they don't work, then you can go ahead and shoot the world's best resignation letter. From
5. Problems: Don't just come with problems, come also with solutions.

Good bosses hate two kinds of behavior. The courtesan who always comes to tell you how great you are and the pyromaniac/fireman who comes to tell you "There is a huge problem" and then says "but don't worry, I will solve it!"

There is also a third kind, the monkey transferor. She has a problem and she puts it on your shoulders, rather than bringing a solution or at least some options.

Problems usually have several aspects. It is usually a gap between an objective and the result; there are options to close the gap; there is a choice of one option to be made; key tasks, dates, people and resources needed must be defined.

On which of those steps in problem solving do you want your boss's input? Just be clear on what input you want rather than come with the stressful -- "I have a problem…" and throw the monkey.
(Thanks Sir Thomas)

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