Saturday, March 18, 2006

IZ Reloaded down yesterday

Thanks Blogger/Blogspot for putting my blog and others offline for more than 12 hours yesterday. Some blogs were down for close to a day! You guys sure know how to make your users happy.

I deeply apologise to all my readers who couldn't read my blog yesterday, but it's really Blogger's fault. And thanks for all your emails and messages. Apparently Blogger had a major problem that they couldn't solve quickly. From Blogger Status:
The filer that we have been having trouble with in the last few days failed again. Those blogs that are stored on the bad filer are temporarily not available for publishing and viewing. We are working on replacing the filer and restoring access to the blogs affected.
Let's hope that's the end of their bad filer problem.

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Nobody said...

Maybe its time to get your own domain and hosting?