Monday, March 13, 2006

Andaman earthquakes threaten again

A series of recent earthquakes in the Andaman region has put Thailand on alert. Thai authorities are worried that these quakes are a sign of a real big one to come. One that may trigger the dreaded tsunami. From Xinhua:
Thailand will begin to draw up evacuation plans for provinces along its southern coastline after waves of underwater tremors struck the region last week.

"The situation is worrying and we want to alert local authorities and people so that they can prepare for an evacuation"if a big quake strikes, Smith Dharmasarojana, the head of the National Committee on Natural Disaster Warning, was quoted by Bangkok Post as saying Monday.
Over in Perlis, Malaysia, the state government has put its Fire and Rescue Department on extra alert. From The Star:
Kangar Station operations officer Zaharul Amin Ahmad said they received instructions from the department’s state director Pauzan Ahmad to ensure that firemen were on standby to handle any emergency.

He said the Thai government had alerted those staying along the coast to be on the alert after detecting some changes in the sea currents.
Here's a map showing the series of recent earthquakes in the Andaman region.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope n pray there'll no more tsunami.