Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A blog for your dreams

Dreamsbox is an interesting project that seeks to document people's dreams. If you have a dream and wish to share it with others, just post it there. I had a fun time reading some of the entries. These people can really dream! The following is a favourite of mine. From Dreamsbox:
I had a strange dream in which, I was walking in my underground carpark and I saw a girl there so I went up to her, and found out she was selling flowers. When I approached her, she looked up to me and then took my hand and she led me to my own apartment, and into my own room and we started having sex, and halfway through...my parents started banging on the door and I looked down at the girl and it was me! So, I told myself to hide, and I jumped out of my window (I'm on the 28th floor) so I was hanging onto the ledge, waiting... then I woke up.
We all have sex dreams once in a while but that guy's dream is the ultimate. He having sex with himself. Ha! I too have been having strange dreams (quite often nowadays) but most of the time I can barely remember them in detail. Maybe tomorrow morning, if I'm lucky, I may just contribute my own dream to Dreamsbox.

(Thanks maccay)


Anonymous said...

IZ: Tell us about your sex dreams!

Anonymous said...

Yes IZ. Tell us! Tell Us!

Anonymous said...

How come I never had a sex dream huh?

Anonymous said...

finatiq: Not even once?!!! Are you human?

IZ: Jot down your dreams the first thing you wake up so that they are still fresh.

Anonymous said...

Some of the dreams on the site are highly detailed.

I can only remember little details of my dream. I wonder why most of us cannot remember our dreams well.

Anonymous said...

i got lot of wet dreams liao

Anonymous said...

How to remember your dreams:

1. Keep a pen and paper at your bedside.

2. Get enough sleep.

3. Before sleep, write out your day notes in your journal.

4. Wake up naturally.

5. Lie still for a moment and learn to ask yourself, “What was just going through my mind?”

6. Take your time and write out your dream in any way you remember it.

7. If you don't remember a dream, write out one sentence about whatever you were feeling or whatever first came into your mind as you awoke.