Saturday, March 18, 2006

Chinese jaywalkers will lose work bonuses

China is implementing a new set of traffic regulations to reduce the number of its citizens jaywalking. The new punishment for jaywalkers in China - no work bonuses and promotion! From ChinaDaily:
Under the new rules, work promotions and bonuses could be denied for employees who are repeatedly reported for jaywalking by traffic policemen, reportedly Yangtze Evening Post...

Lawyer Liu Zhengchao, from the Contemporary Security Law Firm, questioned the feasibility of the proposal.

"People's salaries should be based on one's professional performance. It is nonsense to say their wages could be affected by things that happen outside of work," said Liu.

But the country's Road Traffic Safety Law states clearly that every institute or company has the responsibility to educate their staff on traffic regulations, according to a worker surnamed Zhang with Nanjing Municipal Traffic Administration Bureau.

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