Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Japanese Capsule Hotel

The Japanese have the weirdest things on Earth. Take for example the capsule hotel. The hotel has several boxes or capsules about 1 meter wide, 1 meter high and 2 meters long, that serve as rooms for its guests. I'm not good with tight spaces so I don't think I will be sleeping in any of those. Give me a King size hotel bed anytime.

(Thanks Nao)


Anonymous said...

These are usually for businessmen or guys who cannot get the last train home.

They will use the capsule hotel just to stay for the night.

Only men are allowed.

Anonymous said...

My friend told me they have it in London too.

Anonymous said...

It's like sleeping in coffins don't u guys think so?

Anonymous said...

look like giant microwave ovens

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

A friend has been in one. He developed a cold shortly after.

He says that they are not hygenic.

Anonymous said...

They are perfectly hygenic. They are for mostly men, though a few allow women. I have stayed in capsule hotels over 20 times and never developed a cold. It's more like sleeping in a fort made of blankets as a kid or a refrigerator box. It is the best sleep I have every had.