Friday, March 10, 2006

Origami is indeed an ultra mobile pc... yawn

Microsoft has finally revealed details of its much hyped Origami. Origami is actually the code name for Microsoft's Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) project. According to Microsoft, the Origami project's goal is to create a small touch-screen PC that is highly mobile/portable and easy to use. Microsoft is currently working with Samsung, Asus and Founder for the first batch of UMPCs. It is providing the operating system, the Windows XP Tablet edition to run the UMPCs in addition to a new set of software built exclusively for the UMPC called the Microsoft Touch Pack.

The Microsoft Touch Pack is designed to make it easier to interact with the UMPC. It is a set of five main applications. They are the Program Launcher - a customizable interface that let's you quickly get to the programs and websites , Brilliant Black - a Windows Media Player skin that allows you to interact the interface with your finger, DialKeys - for typing text on the touch-screen computer, Touch Improvements - settings that make Windows easier to use and view and lastly Sudoku - a popular game.

Hmmm. That's all?

Yup. Yawn.

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