Saturday, April 01, 2006

German prostitutes retraining

Here in Singapore, the government is always emphasizing on retraining for workers to get new skills so that they will be at an advantage when they move jobs etc. In Germany, they are also doing retraining too. German prostitutes faced with fierce competition in the 'flesh' market are being asked to retrain as nurses and telemarketeers. From Reuters:
German prostitutes are signing up for a career change, training to become nurses to tend to the country's ageing population or working phones as telemarketers.

Thirty prostitutes have enlisted in a church-funded project in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia and more are on a waiting list, project co-ordinator Gisela Zohren said.

"Competition in prostitution is fierce and the days when one could make a decent living out of it are long gone, especially once you hit the thirties," Zohren said.
Prostitutes being nurses! Now that will make a trip to the hospital a lot more fun.


A-List said...

Great Blog :-)

Anonymous said...

I think we should provide retraining for pros in sg too. The prostituition market here is tough too.

Anonymous said...

Ze Germans must have loved their prostitutes a lot.

Anonymous said...

i know u love nurses iz! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Let's retrain our Geyland pros to become nurses!